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7 Questions To Ask a Temp Worker Before Hiring Them Full Time

7 questions to ask a temp worker before hiring them full time

When you’re hiring full time staff, using temp workers is a great way to try out different people in the role. You save the money of a candidate search, get pre-qualified applicants, and can try different people until you find the perfect fit for your company. When you consider hiring a temp worker full time, there are some questions you should ask. Even if they’ve been working for you as a temp for some time, you should still treat the move to full time as a separate interview. Here are seven questions to help you get started.

1. Are they interested in full-time employment?

This seems like a no brainer, but the answer may surprise you. Many hiring managers simply assume that all temp workers are looking for full-time employment. That’s not always the case. Some people prefer the variety that comes with temp work, while others may be holding out for a different full-time opportunity.

2. Are they comfortable in a long-term role?

A temp worker may have worked in a wide variety of short-term positions before coming to your company. Before offering them a permanent positions, make sure they feel comfortable committing to a position that can last for years.

3. Why did they choose temp work in the first place?

Many people assume that all temp workers are looking for a permanent position. However, some people prefer the flexibility and freedom of short-term assignments. They may have personal obligations that can make a long-term schedule problematic. Finding out why they chose temp work in the first place can alert you to reasons they may not fit into a permanent role.

4. Why do they want to leave temp work?

If they were using temp work to find a permanent position, you’re probably in the clear. However, if they needed the flexibility of short-term assignments, you need to know what’s changed. Once you know why they chose temp work, you can weigh the possibility of them needing to go back to short-term roles.

5. Are they available for other shifts?

Moving to a permanent role may involve moving to a different schedule. It could even involve moving to a different work site. Make a list of the differences between the temporary and permanent positions, then ask the candidate about each of them. Any significant difference could easily be a deal breaker.

6. What are their expectations for the position?

This question is a favorite of hiring managers for a reason—it works. Getting the candidate to describe their expectations gives you insight into how they view the position. Unrealistic or bizarre expectations can point to a lack of understanding about the role they’re expected to fill. Just because someone can do a job, doesn’t necessarily mean they understand it.

7. What are their salary expectations?

Some temp workers can have unrealistic expectations about moving to a permanent position. They know what they’re getting paid, and generally have a good idea of what you’re paying the temp agency. Some of them expect to immediately start making whatever you’ve been paying the agency. They need to understand that, when you pay the agency, you’re paying for convenience and a suite of other services.

An Initial Overview

When you’re hiring any full-time employee, you want to learn as much about them as possible. With temp workers, you have the advantage of seeing them in action before you commit to hiring them. With a few temp-specific questions, you can quickly determine whether making a move into a permanent position is right for them.