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90 Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas

It’s Back to School time and time to get focused on being organized for Back to School and coming up with a simple plan to make it through your mornings which includes having a plan for packing lunchboxes!

Here is an entire list of 90 items in a FREE Printable Download that you can grab! Just download this file here and print it out to keep on your fridge for when you need some fresh ideas!

Including school lunches in a Menu Plan is a great way to help stay organized. Each week when you sit down to make a weekly meal plan, check the school lunch schedule and write down any days that your kids will want to eat at school, then plan out a meal to pack in the remaining days lunches. By planning this ahead of time you won’t have to think about it the morning of, and can prep and prepare as much as possible on the weekend or on Sunday Nights after you’ve been shopping for the week.

90 Back-to-School lunchbox ideas


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