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All Employment Agencies & Their Employees are not Created Equal

we are different

One of the most common things I’ve heard on the highly trafficked, ultra competitive, mean streets of the staffing business is, “EVERYONE IS THE SAME. The same employees go to all the agencies. Why should I believe your employees are any different than anyone else’s?”  My response has always been one of partial agreement.

The real difference lies in what happens when those “same” employees walk through the doors of any one particular agency. Better yet, do the employees walk through an actual door and speak to real staffing professionals? Or do these employees job search, apply and even interview all in the comfort of their homes…sitting behind a screen or phone?

At what point does your current staffing agency physically see and talk with the employees they’re recommending for you? What do they talk about? In the technologically advanced society we’re living in, there’s a balance to optimizing technological uses while operating a face to face, ‘people centered’ business. Learn what the application and interview process consists of, in detail. Figure out what your staffing agency is talking with its candidates about. Be informed! After all, the bottom line is that all employment agencies and the job ‘seekers’ who are transformed into job ‘finders’ are not created equal.

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