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Are You Making a Positive or Negative First Impression During Your Interview?

first impressions never die

Studies show that the first impression that people make has a lasting effect on how people remember and think about others. In fact, the first impression generally never goes away, which is probably where the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” originates. This is especially true when it comes to job interviews. The way candidates present themselves, even If just meeting a recruiter for a few minutes, can dictate the course of their career.

The last time you had a job interview, did you worry about the kind of first impression you made on the recruiter? Maybe you dressed well, brought your best resume copy, and put on a brave face – but somehow you left wondering how things went? It could be that you are not sure of whether or not you know how to make a positive impression on others.

Here are some tips for making a better first impression during interviews, and parting with a positive memory to support your career goals.

  1. Always be punctual. Recruiters are on tight schedules, so they look favorably upon candidates who show up early or on time.
  2. Look the part. Dress like you already work here. Look over the company website and try to dress just a little better (polos instead of t-shirts, khakis instead of jeans).
  3. Smile and use eye contact. You will appear to have a warm and friendly personality, and this helps you to develop rapport quickly with others.
  4. Listen and ask relevant questions. An interview is not an interrogation session. It’s your chance to show you can listen and answer questions well, and you can respond with a few related questions of your own to show genuine interest.

By the way, if you were called back to interview again, you probably did a great job during your interview. If you have not heard back, well, just chalk it up as a good experience and try to do better next time.

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