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Don’t Overlook Temporary Work as an Option to Find a Full-time Job

Temporary work to full-time jobBy Nancy Hickman

Recently, I had a candidate who’s been out of work for several months after relocating with his family. His experience included 15 years at his last employer and prospective employers feared he could not adapt to change.

We decided the best way to help him find employment would be through contract positions so he could prove his skill set and adaptability. After working 3 months for the temporary employer, he was hired in a full-time position that he had previously been turned down for.

In this case, the employer didn’t think the candidate could adapt to a new environment, but there are many other reasons why people are struggling to find the right fit. You might find yourself  searching for a job or wanting to change jobs.

Recruiters can often help you pinpoint some of the obstacles you face in finding employment. temporary work is a great way of enhancing your resume to land a permanent job.

While not every temporary job leads to full-time employment, it happens more often than you might think. Search out a professional recruiter with a known search firm and a long-standing reputation. Let them know the companies you are interested in working for and see if they can help get you an introduction and interview.

You will need to provide your recruiter with at least three work-related supervisors. Make sure you have a current phone number and email address for them and that they know to expect calls from potential employers.

Once you land that temporary assignment, give 110 percent to getting the project/tasks at hand completed on time and with precision. You never know, this could be your audition for your next best job! And if not, then an opportunity to build your resume, skill set and professional network while making some extra money.

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