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Do’s and Don’ts for First-Time Job Seekers

With summer now winding down, many recent college graduates might be starting their searches for a full-time job in earnest. And while they may have plenty of traits that will make them ideal workers, their inexperience could be a hindrance to their ability to finding a job quickly and easily.

That also applies to succeeding in the job search itself, so here are a few tips as to what young job seekers should and shouldn’t do when trying to start their careers:

Do: Scrub social media

Many college kids like to have fun on social media, and it’s hard to blame them. However, that could lead to them posting content prospective employers might find objectionable, and that can be an issue even if the posts in question are years old. As a result, young adults should make sure they either set their feeds to private, set up “professional-only” accounts or go through their own feeds and find things that might be a little “iffy.”

When young people have clean social media pages, they may be far more likely to find interested employers.

Don’t: Go in unprepared

Even though these young adults recently left college, they aren’t done with their homework quite yet, the report said. That’s because when they are applying for a job at just about any company, they need to put in the research to learn more about the business and what the job entails, as well as the best ways to make their resumes stand out.

It’s often said that just looking for a new job is a full-time position, and a big part of that is researching as much as possible about a job or company. It’s also a good idea to conduct “practice” interviews, just to prepare a little more.

Don’t: Be too casual

While many young adults may not have a lot of experience reaching out to hiring managers, writing cover letters or going on job interviews, they generally have a pretty good idea of what constitutes “being professional.” But as with anything else, it’s important to keep that in mind in any communication efforts, according to Monster.

Everything from sending a too-casual follow-up email to showing up to an interview dressed inappropriately is a big mistake, so it’s important for recent grads to make sure they “dress for the job they want” and keep that idea in mind on email and the phone as well.

Do: Be confident

People who have limited experience with job interviews may enter that process with apprehension , but it’s important to power through and at least appear confident. When people get nervous, they can cut off interviewers before questions are finished because they just want to answer quickly, but doing so could come off as rude.

Likewise, it’s surprisingly important to give a good, firm handshake both at the beginning and end of that meeting. That can leave hiring managers with a good impression of any job candidate.

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