Employee Benefits & Perks


Myth vs. PSI Facts: Investing in our future by Investing in your future!

Need a job with benefits?  Unlike some staffing agencies, Personnel Staffing, Inc. is proud to provide a comprehensive benefits package.  We retain the highest quality employees due to the combination of our benefits and our commitment to working with the top companies.  For details about these and other PSI benefits: contact your local PSI Recruiter.


We want to put your money into your hands as soon as possible.  That is why we pay our staffing employees weekly.


Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit of your pay into your checking account each week.  You may also choose to deposit a portion or all of your pay into a savings account.


If you do not have a checking account you will be issued a Global Cash paycard.

Easy Enrollment!

  • No credit check
  • No bank account needed
  • Guaranteed approval

Use anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted! 

  • Access funds at millions of ATMs/retailers
  • Over 60,000 surcharge-free ATM locations worldwide

Exciting Paycard Features:

  • No FEE purchases
  • Get cash back
  • Get cash at ATM’s
  • Account Alerts
  • Two-way texting
  • Family Cards
  • Bill Pay
  • Rewards Programs
  • and WAY MORE!


Personnel Staffing Inc. has selected WH Administrators to provide services to maintain full compliance under all aspects of the ACA for 2016. This includes determining eligibility, maintaining all records for reporting to the IRS, and handling audits from the IRS and DOL.

As part of the WH Solution, they have created fully compliant affordable health insurance plans for Personnel Staffing, Inc. This includes a Basic Plan that meets the minimum essential coverage requirement for individuals, a PPACA plan that includes hospitalization as well as providing minimum value, and a PPO plan as a buy up option.

Employees are evaluated based on payroll information supplied for eligibility to enroll in benefits. Once an employee is determined to be eligible they are notified via post card that they may now enroll in a plan of their choice.


Get Benefit Relief was established to help individuals and families with or without traditional health insurance coverage save money. We do this by providing members access to a national network with hundreds of thousands of providers saving you 10% to 85% on both non-medical and medical related services.

GBR discount benefit programs were developed for the sole purpose of helping families and individuals trapped in the healthcare dilemma. We provide only first-class products and services including Dental, Vision, Prescription discounts, Telehealth, Medical Bill Saver™, Nurseline™, Medical Health Advisor, Hearing Aids, and Vitamins.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Use Personnel Staffing, Inc. code listed below to take advantage of an additional discount for Pet Insurance.  www.EmbraceYourPet.com




Not only does RxCut® want to share their discount prescription programs with PSI employees, but also wants to be the one place for you to receive all your updates about prescription safety, recalls and alerts, along with providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on all of your prescriptions; and provide answers to questions you may have about our programs.

  • RxCut® program benefits:
    • No enrollment fees
    • Everyone qualifies
    • All cards are active
    • Unlimited uses
    • Never expires
    • Works for pet medications
    • No personal information needed
    • Works for all FDA approved medications needing a prescription
    • Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community


Enjoy the many financial benefits available through our credit union affiliations.  Services offered include:  Savings Plans, Loan Availability, Checking Services, Credit Cards, Investment Opportunities, Financial Counseling and Education Programs.


Eligible employees can accumulate service/vacation bonuses.  Time off is not typical, however, is based on client approval.

You may qualify for vacation pay after exceeding 1800 hours depending on your assignment.


We observe six holidays throughout the year:  New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  Depending on your tenure with PSI, and your work schedule, you may qualify to receive holiday pay.


PSI offers referral bonuses when you refer someone to PSI that works for certain length of time.  Contact your local PSI Recruiter.


Don’t have a resume?  No problem.  We can build a resume from your online job application.


We are proud to recognize the accomplishments of our employees.  Outstanding employees are honored on a regular basis.  We also hold on-site employee appreciation events.


Upgrade your computer skills to increase your earning potential.  Upon approval by your Staffing Specialist, web-based training on a wide variety of software can be accessed at no charge from your home computer 24/7.


We are proud to partner with national companies such as; Corporate Perks and TicketsatWork, to offer our employees discounts to amusement park attractions (Dollywood, Six Flags, Disney World & Disneyland to name a few) and also discounts on travel, clothing, jewelry, electronics, concert tickets, etc.

Corporate PerksIf you choose to shop with any of your favorite merchants through Corporate Perks, CP reward you with WOWPoints. The number of WOWPoints you earn depends on the offer and the amount you spend.

  • WOWPoints are the currency used for CP savings and rewards program, a currency that never expires or loses its value. 100 WOW Points equals $1. You earn them whenever you shop through Corporate Perks.
  • WOWPoints are the symbol of the money you save when you shop through Corporate Perks. They are as valuable as cash and can be used to purchase more products.

TicketsatWork – TicketsatWork is the leading Corporate Entertainment Benefits provider, offering exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more.