Employee Insurance Options (2017)


Great News!!  Employee Premium Deduction Rates remain the same in 2017

Medical, Dental & Vision Healthcare Options

Personnel Staffing, Inc. provides five insurance options to employees so they can choose the plan(s) that best meet their needs.

Basic Health Plan (MEC) PPACA Health Plan PHCS Buy-Up Health Plan Cigna DPPO Cigna Vision
A Cost Effective Option That Satisfies Employee Essential Coverage Affordable Solution That Provides Comprehensive Health Benefits Buy-Up Plan with Comprehensive Health &  Hospitalization Benefits Traditional PPO Dental Plan Traditional Vision Plan

Basic Health Plan (MEC)

The Basic Health Plan (MEC) meets the basic healthcare needs for the employee as well as satisfies the Minimum Essential Coverage mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for the employee. When the employee purchases the Basic Plan, the Affordable Care Act requirement for the employee’s individual insurance coverage mandate has been met.


The PPACA Plan is a health benefit plan that provides a comprehensive health coverage solution and is affordable.

Buy-Up Plan

The Buy-Up Plan is a medical and hospitalization benefit plan that provides more comprehensive health coverage than PPACA.

Cigna Dental Plan

The Cigna DPPO Dental Plan is a traditional PPO preferred provider organization dental benefit plan offered through the Cigna Network.

Cigna Vision Plan

Cigna Vision Plan is a traditional vision plan offered through the Cigna Network.


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Healthcare Options (Summary of Benefits)


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