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Expert Tips: How to Land That Big Job

Expert Tips: How to Land that Big Job

Let’s face it: competition for jobs continues to be challenging for everyone. And it works both ways, as employers struggle to attract sustainable employees. For potential employees, a spiffy résumé is a must –but there are a number of other factors that can help someone land a dream job.That’s where workforce development comes in, and it’s happening right here in T-Town.

Shaunee Lynch, manager at the Tuscaloosa branch of PSI (Personnel Staffing, Inc.), gives a few tips on how to get the job your dreams—even if you only have limited experience.

But first, what are the biggest challenges potential employees face in today’s job market?


Shaunee Lynch

Surprisingly, it’s not a matter of being under-qualified. In fact, Lynch says it’s actually a weakness in “selling [your] skilled contributions to a company.” Often what a job-seeker might write off as being unimportant, employers see as assets. This is why having contacts for previous employers is so valuable; they can vouch for your character and work ethic. As Lynch describes, “When employers call an applicant’s previous employers for a reference, the response can be the difference between being hired or not considered”—even if you are the most qualified applicant.

Since the reports of previous employers can be so vital, it is important to remember that no matter who you work for—or for how much—you need to, as Lynch says, “display professionalism and an eagerness to benefit [your] employer.” Their reports become one of the best return-of-investments for you, since they will continue to build and strengthen your résumé over time.

Another challenge for new job seekers is knowing the unwritten rules of the interview process. A few to remember are dressing appropriately, not exposing personal information during the interview process, arriving at the right time, and learning to transform your paper résumé into a verbal platform in person.

At PSI this is exactly what Lynch helps a variety of people to do every day. In her words, they “transition their employees from the ‘I just want a job’ attitude to an ‘I want to be an asset’ attitude.” PSI helps clients create a sustainable and qualified workforce by educating employees and helping them to maximize their employability.

Lynch told of one recent success story:

“We had two very persistent young men, who are related, and had no work experience come to our office looking for a job. Over the course of two weeks, we taught them how to write a ‘no-experience’ résumé, sent them on a short assignment to experience the value of employment, and the importance of identifying self-value. After a few conversations, I learned that they both had great skill and gifts that can be transferred to a degree in higher education. They are both now working full-time for one of our clients and are enrolling in school. When I called to deliver the news about their hiring the grandmother’s response was priceless!”

Regardless of your current employment status, a great job worthy of your talents can be available to you.

By Courtney Corbridge

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