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Motivation Monday: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Looking for a New Job

For months you thought about looking for a new job. You thought about it off and on for various reasons:  frustration with your boss, long hours, and little growth opportunity. One day, everything came together to make you say to yourself, “It’s time for a change!”  You even thought, with the low unemployment rate, and a myriad of jobs out there, it would take no time to find a new job. But now, after 3 months, nothing has panned out and your anxiety to start something new growing every day.

Need a little motivation to keep the search going? You’re in luck! It’s Motivation Monday and here are 5 ways to keep that search going strong!

1. Be realistic about the job-search time frame.

Brace yourself for the undeniable speed bumps of a job search. Landing a job within a week or two of your hunt isn’t very likely, especially to find the right fit for you.

2. Believe in yourself.

Like a successful salesperson, you must believe in your product. In this case, that’s YOU! Believe that you will bring value to the employer, which will give you confidence as you sell yourself and your experience. When looking for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself and your experience. Imagine that you’re selling a quality “product,” the real deal that will save the employer from buying something substandard. Imagine acting that way in your next interview … and you will.

3. Spend your time effectively.

Use your job searching time wisely! This is especially important if you are currently working, making time limited. Don’t restrict your networking to email or LinkedIn. A phone call is warmer, and an in-person conversation, if possible, is the warmest of all.

4. Keep yourself healthy.

How you take care of yourself while job searching can have a major impact on your productivity in finding work. Make sure you eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.  These are all important and can help reduce stress, and anxiety, as well as keep you energized in your search.

5. Stay positive! 

What’s the point, I’ll never get it? Why bother, there are more qualified people to fill this position? What a waste of time applying for all of those jobs! These are all thoughts that naturally enter all of our heads when struggling to find a new job. There is power in positive thinking! Negative thoughts only destroy your motivation, hindering your job hunt. Try to remember, there are a lot of great job opportunities out there, and one of them is right for you!

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