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Some things to consider when partnering with PERSONNEL STAFFING, INC.
EFFICIENCY. In most industries the average time from interview to offer can be almost a month. The additional time of analyzing the position, posting the position, receiving sub- missions, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews – you’ve quickly lost a large amount of time. PERSONNEL STAFFING is specialized by industry. We have a pool of qualified and screened candidates for specific roles. PSI works closely with passive candidates in their niche market as well and we are engrained in our local communities. Having a partner, like PSI that is proactive rather than reactive, reduces down-time, saving you money and lessens the burden on key employees within your organization.
SAVINGS. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average direct cost for a new employee is about 21% of the average median salary. Add the expense of overtime during the vacancy, recruiting, advertising, screening and testing costs and this number quickly grows exponentially. PERSONNEL STAFFING can provide you with a predictable cost per hire that supports the quality of our candidates. In addition to these savings, employees contracted through PSI fall under our unemployment and worker’s compensation claims. Do the math. This can quickly decrease costly overhead due to injuries and employee turnover. We stay up late sourcing for our clients! But if we can’t find the fit we believe in, we will leave the opportunity on the table before just filling the order and disappointing our clients. We do the right thing and take care of the headaches.
MORE PRODUCTIVITY. Companies may spread extra workload across their existing staff, can quickly see a drop in productivity. We have all seen this happen in the down economy. Employees can quickly become overwhelmed, unmotivated, and less alert on the job. Morale becomes an issue. In addition, over-worked employees are more likely to become ill or suffer from a work related injury, which leaves more for you to consider.
FLEXIBILITY. Working with PERSONNEL STAFFING can quickly provide you with resources when you need them most. We work with local professionals and skilled workers who are open to short term, contract, or part time work. Having experienced talent that can quickly adapt to your position and culture can provide you with flexibility. At PSI we are diligent about getting to know the companies we work with and to communicate continuously, so that we are able to find the best candidates. Not all personas fit and we understand the nuance of this risk.
HIRING YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Over 50% of new hires nationwide do not live up to expectations. Ouch. Consider the resources that are associated with the hiring and on-boarding processes. Temp-to-hire is a great solution. The majority of employers in the United States are using temporary staffing because there are obvious proven benefits. Take the time to identify and qualify PERSONNEL STAFFING as a business partner. We will be able to provide you with a strong and proven pool of candidates from our specialties, listen and execute based on your goals and objectives as an organization. Want to learn more about how you can work with PSI and fill your open positions and lower your risk by accessing our pre-screened talent? We can’t wait to have that conversation. If you are a talented professional within one of our specialized verticals CLERICAL, ADMINISTRATIVE, PROFESSIONAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AND MEDICAL INDUSTRIES and seeking short term or long term career opportunities, visit our register of our website to apply today.—->Register
PERSONNEL STAFFING is a full service agency and a leader in staffing and recruitment in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. PSI is privately owned and founded by Tina Gregerson with over 34 years expertise. We are proud to be a woman owned business.
Her experience and expertise is invaluable in decision-making, dealing with diverse issues and knowing how to make the right calls. Our staff has been mentored by the best.