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Whether you’re an entry-level employee dealing with overload at work and a family crisis at the same time or a top-level manager wading through office politics to cool the flames of conflict before they erupt into a raging fire, resilience is crucial. Personal resilience is the ability reach deep inside yourself and grasp the strength to overcome an obstacle – to stand up again when you fall. It is the key that helps us not only to face a highly challenging situation, but also to prosper and grow in spite of it, or maybe, because of it.

While resilience may come more easily for some than for others, most of us can develop this life-changing attribute. So, how do you develop resilience – follow these tips.

Take care of yourself: the healthier your physical, mental, and emotional, and relational being, the more strength you’ll have to face whatever knocks on your door.
• Eat right, sleep well, and follow an exercise program
• Take breaks from intense concentration. Pause, take ten deep breaths, rest your mind
• Feed your soul – through music, meditation, reading, etc. or whatever brings you pleasure
• Take time for family and friends – develop a network of people who support.

Find a sense of purpose: When you know why you’re here, and where you’re going, it’s easier to take the challenges in stride.

Develop a positive attitude about yourself and build confidence in your personal abilities: If you were introduced to yourself, would you like who you are? If not, what would you change? If yes, take time to appreciate what you have to offer.

Take time to learn new things: Develop new skills. View challenges as an opportunity to develop your problem-solving skills and grow.

Focus on being adaptable: Embrace change as a healthy part of growth – a chance to be reshaped.

Be honest and real: Take time to understand what triggers a break down. Admitting areas of weakness is the first step to turning them into strengths. Ask yourself what happened. What can you learn so that you can respond better the next time?

Accept that setbacks happen: When facing a challenge, play the role of a survivor, rather than a victim. Be willing to ask for help. Recognize the difference between what you can and cannot control.

Building up a resilient spirit is its own challenge. It takes time, effort, and personal choice, but it’s worth the journey – bringing with it success, and fulfillment in your career as well as personal wellbeing.

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