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Strategical Thinking

Strategic Thinking is an effective valuable to

ol for assessing the past and the present, and then creating a viable plan for the future. It is the art of applying both innovation and intentional thought processes to make connections between initial ideas, the plans, and the people acting upon them. The professional climate is constantly changing. Being able to see past “what you’ve always done” and considering the new approach is a crucial key to strategical thinking.

strategical thinking

Strategical thinking requires specific skills. Consider these top ten:

• Utilizing both the reasoning and the imaginative sides of your brain
• Developing a clearly defined and focused vision
• Defining the objective, breaking it into tasks and required resources, and establishing a timeline
• Working the plan but allowing for proactive flexibility
• Remaining aware of what’s happening – listening, reading, understanding, perceiving the subtleties
• Accepting advice and reflecting on it
• Learning from the experiences of others as well as your own
• Balancing creativity against reality
• Flowing with new ideas rather than clinging to old
• Waiting when necessary before coming to conclusions

Strategic thinking is really about stepping back from your typical viewpoint and stimulating your mind by challenging your assumptions, bringing in new perspectives, and asking the hard and the boundary-stretching questions. For example:

• How can I reduce the barriers that stand in the way of initiative?
• How can I invite proactive insight – including constructive criticism – from others?
• How can I reach the most difficult employee, customer, or person in my work/life?
• What is the common denominator in my successes?
• What is the common denominator in my failures?
• If I could instantly recreate my brand, what would it look like?
• What are six new measuring sticks for success?

Now pull together all that you have learned. Build on the skills you need. Expand your list of questions and consistently ask yourself for answers. According to Robert Kabacoff, Management Research Group, strategic thinking is “all about being able to see, predict, and plan ahead. Strategic leaders take a broad, long-range approach to problem-solving and decision-making that involves objective analysis, thinking ahead, and planning.”

Personnel Staffing, Inc. believes in strategic thinking. We apply it to our business practices, expect it from our clients, and seek it in our candidates. Contact us today. We will help you strategically plan for your best employee/employer match.