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Tips to Help You Get and Keep a Job

listen follow direction
Companies today want to hire people who can follow directions. Most companies have procedures that must be followed for products to be made properly. If you are following written directions, you have something to double check. But, if you are given instructions verbally, that is usually where problems occur. These tips can help you learn how to follow directions better.
  1. Look directly at the speaker and listen closely. We all have distractions but we must resist becoming distracted. When you make an effort to look at the speaker, it demonstrates you are making the effort to understand them.
  2. Show you understand. Nod your head when appropriate, take notes, and ask questions. All of these actions show you understand what the directions are.
  3. Repeat directions to yourself and/or the speaker. When you repeat the directions, the repetition adds to understanding. If you repeat the directions back to the speaker, they can clarify any misunderstanding.
  4. Ask the speaker to explain anything you don’t understand. As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions. Most people don’t mind answering questions, especially if it helps to prevent errors from being made.
Remember, companies want people who can follow directions, not people who cut corners or forget things.