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Why Is A Professional Staffing Agency Necessary?


What is the logic of using a “middleman” when companies can do their own hiring? It’s a great question, and we’d like to explain the value of using a professional staffing agency.

The first reason companies choose to use a staffing agency as a business partner is time savings. When a job is posted, companies may receive over 200 responses, or they may receive nothing. Sorting through a stack of resumes is time consuming and costly to the organization, because the person designated to do that is abandoning their normal duties.  Advertising positions, doing reference checks, background checks, drug tests and interviewing eat up time and money resources.

The second reason is expertise. 100% of our focus and revenue is spent recruiting and placing employees. Personnel Staffing, Inc. has 34+ years of experience as a professional staffing agency. We know how to structure job descriptions and postings that get the results our customers want.

The third reason is screening techniques. Since our entire focus is finding the right candidates for each position we are entrusted with, we know screening the applicants is the key to success. Skills testing modules, interviewing techniques, employment reference checks and knowing our customer’s company culture are all critical to the process. We have resources available to us that most companies do not.

The fourth reason companies come to a professional staffing agency is for temporary or contract assignments. There are some positions that don’t justify the company hiring the person as a permanent employee. You need their expertise for a short amount of time, but not as a permanent addition to your staff. Those are the times when an out-sourced contractor or temporary employee is the answer to your need.

Many companies have opted to look at a professional staffing agency as a true business partner and found these reasons to be a great return on their investment.

If you need a staffing partner, call one of our offices and see how we can help your business grow with the right people.